Another Tomorrow

Another Tomorrow exists to realign this relationship for the curious, compassionate global citizen seeking elevated, thoughtful design, education, and tools for advocacy.

Category  -  Sustainable Apparel
Founded  -  2018
Headquarters  -  New York City, NY
Founders  -  Vanessa Barboni Hallik



Ethically Manufactured

Another Tomorrow's platform for a technology-based circular economy was built on modern business principles of community, transparency, and organic scarcity. Every decision has been guided by a value system based on three pillars – human, animal, and environmental welfare. Using fashion as a pathway to activism, we seek to model what is possible at this critical juncture in our humanity - amplifying voices for change, educating and engaging our community with the stories behind our clothes, and providing more information about supply chains at large.

Materials in Use: GRS Recycled Cashmere, Organic Linen, Tencel™, Renewed Denim, Recycled Polyester Buttons, Corozo Buttons, Ethical Wool, FSC Certified Viscose, Organic Cotton


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Carbon (atomic number 6) is a chemical element and the primary component of all known life on Earth.