Creating new materials at the intersection of art, nature and biotechnology.

Category  -  Regenerative Materials
Founded  -  2016
Headquarters  -  San Francisco, CA



Uncompromising Biomaterials

MycoWorks creates materials at the intersection of art, nature, and biotechnology using mycelium, one of the earth's most regenerative resources. Their mission is to create a platform for the highest quality materials using Fine Mycelium™. Their first product, Reishi™ offers our partners in fashion an option for leather that is neither animal nor plastic, yet uncompromising in quality and aesthetic expression.

Today, their team is growing in order to scale and deliver Reishi to an even broader range of partners in fashion, footwear, and beyond. Together, they're working towards a world where mycelium enables resilient, creative solutions for any industry dependent on animal and petroleum-derived products.


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