Parley is the space where creators, thinkers, and leaders come together to raise awareness for the beauty and fragility of our oceans.

Category  -  Non-Profit Organization
Founded  -  2012
Headquarters  -  New York City, NY
Founders  -  Cyrill Gutsch



Helping Oceans Recover

Parley for the Oceans addresses major threats towards our oceans, the most important ecosystem of our planet.

They believe the power for change lies in the hands of the consumer, given we all have a choice, and the power to shape this new consumer mindset lies in the hands of the creative industries.

Artists, musicians, actors, filmmakers, fashion designers, journalists, architects, product inventors, and scientists have the tools to mold the reality we all live in and to develop alternative business models and ecologically sensible products to give us earthlings an alternative choice, an everyday option to change something.

Materials in Use: Upcycled Ocean Plastic


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