Building an innovative future is both a challenge and an incredible opportunity. As a team of entrepreneurs and creative consultants, we've experienced it first hand. Our strategic, brand-centric approach is designed to build confidence and momentum in the market and beyond.

Abundance by Design.

1. Business Strategy

Understanding where your business excels is key to starting on a solid footing. We help with everything from target market definition, competitive analysis, white space opportunities, trend forecasting, value proposition, and more.

2. Brand Development

How you communicate your values and visual identity makes for an impactful and positive way to engage your audience. We're here to help you create a powerful brand through logo & visual identity systems, brand name and voice, and storytelling strategies.

3. Product Design

Launching a company today can be intimidating, with so many options and aspects to consider, particularly when considering suppliers, materials, and processes that result in reducing our impact on the planet. We work with you through each step of the design, material, and packaging process to ensure your products align with your market values and are created in the most innovative way possible.

4. Partner Development

Creating the right partner ecosystem allows you to be confident that you have the support needed to scale your growth. With over 25 years of experience building and helping startups, we connect you with the best resources in the ecosystem, from emerging technologies to growth marketing, PR, retail, non-profits, and more.

5. Investor Relations

It's common knowledge that the right investor makes life and business a whole lot easier. Our collaborative approach with investors and startups has given us the ability to present our network of investors with the right deals. We take a curatorial approach to help startups fundraise and focus on finding the perfect match.

6. Launch Strategy

Going from stealth to launch involves big decisions and calculated risks. We work with you to build a strategic plan focused on partnerships, positioning, and operations to optimize your move into the market. Our building blocks allow you to confidently move into the next stage of your business, knowing you have the support to take risks and capitalize on opportunities.


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