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Department 6™ believes combining innovation with great collaboration leads to a thriving future. We partner with leaders focused on emerging opportunities, sustainable practices, and undivided optimism.



Department 6™ specializes in helping entrepreneurs and investors identify and build category-leading brands with quality, and sustainability, at their core.

Below you’ll find information about our team, opportunities, and projects. In addition, we've dedicated space to those we view as leaders in their fields.

Creative  –  Sustainable  –  Optimistic



Optimism and Opportunity.

Department 6™ is built upon the inspiration of others. We count many brands, labs, and funds dedicated to supporting healthy ecosystems as guides on our current path. Whether teams we've worked with or just ones we admire, we're sharing those that are committed to building a more sustainable future.


Building an innovative future is both a challenge and an incredible opportunity. As a team of entrepreneurs and creative consultants, we've experienced the journey first hand. Our strategic, sustainable, and brand-centric approach is designed to build confidence and momentum in the market and beyond.

Abundance by Design.



Let's Begin.

If you're dedicated to launching your next startup, are passionate about leveraging emerging tech to advance your business, or are interested in joining the Department 6™ team, let's start the conversation.


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